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Speakers at Durham West Probus Club 

The following is provided for information only. It is not an endorsement by the Durham West Probus Club or any of its members. 

Often contact information is available through the speaker’s Linkedin professional profile, the organizations or businesses listed or online. The details are true to the date they were originally posted.



Jan.14th  David Chapman, Professional photographer and storm chaser -  Wild, Weird and Whacky Weather 

Feb.11th  Adam Shoalts, Explorer - Journey Alone Across Canadas' Artic

Mar. 11th  Celtic Duo - Steafan Hannigan and Siskia Tomkins

April 8th  Katie Daubs, Toronto Star reporter, feature writer and author

May 13th  Sue and David Williams - Sailing across the Atlantic in their 37 foot sail boat

Jun. 10th  Dr. Amy Barron - Digger, Teacher, Soldier, Spy

Jul. 8th  Dr. Ken Shonk - " There ain't much fun in medicine, but there is a lot of medicine in fun "

Aug. 12th  Dr.Tommie Sue Montgomery - Pre Inca Civilizations

Sept. 9th  Sarah Vaisler, Chief Librarian and Executive Officer of the Ajax Public Library

Oct. 14th  Jennifer Merrick - Haunted Places

Nov. 11th  Dr. Victoria Plaskett - " Sewing Lessons: My Year in Arivat, Nunavut "


Jan.9th  Celtic Duo - Steafan Hannigan and Siskia Tomkins

Feb.13th  Karl Clarke - A Travelogue on the Highlights of Israel and Jordan

Aug.13th  Kevin Donovan - The Billionaire Murders

Sept.10th  Keriann McGoogan - Chasing Lemurs: My Journey into the Heart of Madagascar

Oct. 8th  Karl Clarke - The Galapagos Islands

Nov.12th  Lianne Harris - The Roaring 20's 

Dec.10th  Dr. J ( Jeff Ewing ) - Entertainer


Jan.10th  Jim and Sue Waddington - In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven

Feb.14th  No speaker - 10th Anniversary Celebration  

Mar.7th  Eric Conroy - The story of the S.S. Keewatin

Apr.11th  Andrew Jordan - Regional Manager of Canadian Cannabis Clinics

May.9th  Dave Patterson "the 1492 Guy" - An examination of this period of North American History

Jun.13th  Christine Allum from the Ontario Securities Commission - Protect Your Money 

Jul.11th  Tom Rosebush - DNA and Me

Aug.8th  Tim Burrows - Electric Cars

Sept.12th  William Thomas - author, scriptwriter, and humour columnist

Oct.10th  Angelica Ganea - singer, songwriter and author

Nov.14th  Terry Fallis - Writer and Public Relations Consultant     


Nov. 8   Dr.Amy Barron - Agatha, Archaeology, and Alzheimers's

Oct. 11  Peter Jennings, Author - Why Being Happy Matters

Sep.13  Dave Phillips, Senior Climatologist at Enviroment and Climate Change Canada  

Aug. 9  Lianne Harris Racioppo - History, Culture & Social Studies Resource Specialist Consultant with the Toronto District School Board

                   "The early history of Canada, Rogues and Rebels"

Jul. 12  Zac Wrixon, Regional VP with AGF Investments - Investing in Unstable Times

Jun. 14  Neil Crone,  actor, author and comedian

May 10   John Mason, President of "Friends of Guild Park and Gardens"

Apr. 12   Janine Agnew-Cato from the Durham Literacy Network

Mar. 8    Ted Barris, The Great Escape

Feb. 8    Michael Neumann, Electrical Solutions Advisor (electrical &home safety) contact: Angela Hoyos at 905-569-1818, or                                          email at

Jan. 11   C. J. Calvert , inspirational speaker & author - Living an Exceptional Life


Jan. 12   Andrew Felker,  Lawyer at Walker-Head law firm - Estate Planning & Probate Process 

Feb. 9    Social activity 

Mar.9    Rick Atkinson,  President of RA Retirement Advisors - Don't Just Retire. Live It. Love It 

Apr.13   Dan Buchanan, Author - A family tree search led to a murder buried in the past. 

May 11  Steve Craig - Zoos and their importance 

June 8   Steve Burrows, Author - Murder Mysteries and travel regarding birds and other events. 

July 13   Becky George, Librarian and historian - Pickering/Ajax in the Age of Confederation 

Aug.10   Thanh Campbell, Motivational speaker - Orphan 32 (Vietnam rescue) 

Sept.14  Talli Osborne, Inspirational speaker - How to stay positive when life is difficult 

Oct.12    Dr. Francine Dallaire, Chiropractor - Optimum Health and Detox. 

Nov.9     Bill McKee,  Award winning Town Crier for Scugog, Uxbridge & Oshawa 


Jan.12    Speaker  from Room 217 Foundation  “Music & Palliative Care” 

Feb.11.  Loretta Tanner  "Alzheimer's and other related issues" 

Mar.10   Speaker ? 

Apr. 11   Gord. Whatley , owner of The Armchair Motorist,  will talk about his small museum of automobile books and items of history!  

May 12  Barry Risk, author, retired border security & intelligence officer   "Border Protection and You"  

June 9   Speaker ?  "Camp X, but from a daughter's perspective" 

July 14   Laura Clements, corporate trainer and health specialist,  Alzheimer Society of Durham Region    "Brain Health and Vitality"                        

Aug.16   Jason Slone (Dr. J.)  " Music from the 50's to the 80's" performance 

Sept. 8   Tammy Miller, owner Country Cheese Company   "Cheese with including types and pairing with wine"                                                       

Oct.13   Kristie Virgoe, Land Securement Program Manager   "Oak Ridges Moraine and Land Trust" 

Nov.10  Becka Soyka, Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator at CAMP ERIN  "Dealing with grieving children and family dynamics."                


Jan. 8     Bruce Woods, author   "Between Two Women" 

Feb.1     Robert Winslow, playwright, actor, director. theatre founder  "Fourth Line Theatre"  

Mar.12   Lesley Page, motivational speaker  " On Becoming a Pilot" 

April 9    Brock Godfrey, volunteer with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC)   "Fraud Awareness" 

May 14   Maryanne Ford & Steven Nash  "Nordic Pole Construction" 

June 11   Alan Mallory, speaker, author & performance coach  "Climbing Everest" 

July 9      Lisa Smith  "Horizon House" 

Aug.13   Speaker  ? 

Sept.10  Geoff Cutten,  Ministry of Environment ret. "Gardens and Bugs" 

Oct. 8     Speaker  ? 

Nov.12   Christopher Colton  " National Air Force Museum of Canada" 


Jan. 9      Speaker  none recorded 

Feb.13    Freda Daniels  "Living Under Apartheid in South Africa"   

Mar. 20   Johnathan Van Bilsen, photographer   "Exotic Travel" 

Apr. 10    Speaker ?  "Fun Yoga" 

May 8      Gary Bowen, watershed planning specialist   "Toronto Region Conservation Authority" 

June 19    Speaker  none recorded  

July 10     Anne Walker, musician & storyteller    performance 

Aug, 14   George Laidlaw, author  "The Joys of Canadian history" 

Sept. 11   Janet Matthews, author  "Chicken Soup For the Soul" 

Oct. 9      Terry Fallis, author 

Nov.13    Speaker is a representative from ACE. Advocacy Centre for the elderly 


Jan. 10    Dr. Nicholas Anthony, chiropractor   "Fall Prevention & Exercise for Healthy Living" 

Feb.14    Speaker  none recorded 

Mar.28   Cheryl Cooper, author  "The War of 1812" 

Apr.11   Speaker  none recorded 

May 9    Brian Finley & Donna Bennett, performers/founders  Westben  Arts  Festival  Theatre  performance 

Jun 13    Jim Craigen, instructor facilitator, Jim Craigen Educational Associates  "Brain Research" 

July 11   Olexander Wlasenko, Station Gallery curator  "Art and the Cinema" 

Aug.8     Ellen Roseman, columnist Toronto Star ret.   "Consumer Advocacy" 

Sept.12  Eduard Klassen, harpist   performance 

Oct. 10   Speaker ?  "Haunted Houses in Ontario" 

Nov.14   Shen Yun Performing Arts   "Chinese Music & Dance"








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