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Snapped Camera Club

The Snapped Camera Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month.

We are an amateur group using all different types of cameras. No experience needed, just the pleasure of taking pictures.

We enjoy planned outings giving us additional opportunities to take pictures, using themes as a focus, and enjoying the company of like minded members. Now with Zoom, we have the option of meeting on Zoom to share, discuss and learn from each other or invite a guest speaker.

Contact: Lorna Smith 905-837-0875


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Our Snapped January meeting was held in the party room of one of our members and three members presented a slide show of their travel adventures. Bill Willis shared pictures from his train ride across Canada and parts of the United States. Angie Hobson also did a train ride in Switzerland. 

Alan Dryden presented pictures from his travels from Vancouver to Alaska. Thanks to Bill, Angie and Alan for sharing great travel shots with the rest of the Snapped members. I know I am now excited to travel to any one of these locations for my next much-needed vacation.

Thanks to Bill, Angie and Alan for sharing great travel shots with the rest of the Snapped members. I know I am now excited to travel to any one of these locations for my next much-needed vacation.


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Snapped met in one of our members party room on December 5th for a potluck luncheon. Everyone who attended had a great time with lots of laughter and great food. Our January meeting will be held in the same party room to look at travel pictures from three members. 


Nothing to report for Snapped this month.  We will be holding a meeting to discuss the future of the group going forward. 


Snapped members had a great time at Cullen Central Park for their October outing, taking photos while searching for interesting items. There was lots of laughter and great photo opportunities. 


To make up for not meeting in August, the Snapped group had two outings in September.

ZimArt Rice Lake Gallery

A few members from Snapped took a long drive to ZimArt's Rice Lake Gallery.

Since the owner is retiring and the gallery will be closing after Thanksgiving we decided to add a second Snapped outing for September.

ZimArt Rice Lake Gallery is Located at 855 Second Line Road near Bailieboro and south of Peterborough. The website is It is an outdoor exhibit of over 50 Zimbabwean stone sculptures. Their work is on display in a beautiful natural oasis. Even though the weatherman was calling for 70% chance of rain we took the chance and it was a beautiful day. If you can make the trip by Thanksgiving you won't be disappointed in the exhibit.

Lynde Shores Conservation Area

On September 20, four of us went on an outing to Lynde Shores. The weather was perfect and there were lots of beautiful natural things to see.


The Snapped Camera Group did not meet in August.


Snapped went back in time, to pay a visit to the Pickering Museum Village for their July outing. The weather was perfect for our outing. The Pickering Museum Village is located in Greenwood approximately 15 minutes from Ajax. We saw a variety of buildings such as the oldest building at the museum, a blacksmith and workshop building, a general store, Brougham Temperance House, Duffin’s Creek General Store, Bible Christian Chapel, Collins House and many more. We were guided through the village by a very informative tour guide.


Members of the Snapped Camera Club went to The Guild Park and Gardens in Scarborough for their June outing. It was a good day to take pictures of the huge art collection of preserved architecture fragments from dozens of demolished buildings - many from Toronto. There were many flowers and the gardeners were busy planting to get ready for the upcoming wedding season.

Of course any outing needs to include a meal, so we then drove a few minutes down the road to The Olde Stone Cottage Pub and Patio for a lovely meal.


The Snapped Photography group visited WindReach Farms on a beautiful sunny day in May. The weather was perfect to enjoy the outdoors along with all the sheep bleating (baa) to get our attention, the cows, miniature horses and some smaller animals like green beans the guinea pig indoors.

"WindReach Farm strives to enrich the lives of persons of all ages with disabilities and/or special needs by providing opportunities to enjoy experiences in farming, nature, outdoor recreation, and other activities, and to share those experiences with family and friends."


Snapped members ventured to Port Hope for their April outing. We had a great warm sunny day. Our first stop was at Primitive Designs just north of the 401 located at 2762 Northumberland County Rd 28. There are many huge sculptures made from salvaged metal. Many interesting imported products can be purchased.

We heard that the trout were running, so we then headed to Corbett's Dam which was located five minutes south of where we were. The trout were very determined to jump the dam or the culvert with many unsuccessful attempts hitting the concrete walls (ouch)!

After watching workmen weigh, measure and take scale samples of the trout, we headed to the Dancing Bee Equipment store on Toronto Street, Port Hope. If you are looking for a variety of honey products, then this is the place to go. Creamed honey with gingerbread spices was my purchase. Others bought a variety of products.


The Snapped Camera Club didn’t meet in March.

We look forward to their next picture-taking trip and more amazing pictures!


The Snapped Photography group had a Zoom meeting in February. We were very fortunate that two of our Snapped members, Tommie Sue Montgomery and Eileen Nixon, provided us with slideshows from trips they have been on. Tommie Sue Montgomery gave us a tour going from north to south in Chile. Eileen showed us some pictures from her African safari trip. 


Members of our Snapped Photography group held a Zoom meeting in January to share photos taken over the holidays and also our February Challenge from last year.

The February (2022) challenge was to take pictures of something red, high and low perspectives, something old, something that makes you smile, etc. 

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